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A well-mulched garden is not. As a general rule, a hygienic garden is most snail-friendly. “I have seen a total decline in snails in my garden in the past few years. “We have noticed a lack of snails in our yard for a few years. “We had snails worse than ever in 2019, I mean an absolute, unbelievable, uncontrollable deluge of snails this past year, as did our neighbors. “We don’t have watering restrictions. I think that the drought and less watering has caused them to die off — finally! After a drought many years ago, I changed my lawn to Marathon. Just a couple of years ago, we could rely on them sometimes as early as February, perhaps with young in late March or April. A few weeks ago, I published Kathy Ingraham’s testimonial regarding the disappearance of the common European brown snail from her garden. So how to explain the snails’ disappearance now?

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Now we observe most ducks as it nears migration. Cardinals, chickadees, juncos, Song Sparrows, and phoebes seem more common now. As the trees are flowering, songbirds are becoming more common, as they can hide better among the flowers and leaves. The woodpeckers have been drumming for a few weeks to let everyone know that they have territories and are advertising for mates. Most of the birds include the gentle tap-tap-tap of Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers that one must be in the immediate area to hear, as well as Northern Flickers and Red-bellied Woodpeckers. While any infestation should be dealt with, birds can pose a significant nuisance as they can contaminate your attic not only with noise but bacteria and parasites as well. Pigeons can also be a nuisance nesting or roosting on the roof. Any breaks or holes in your soffit, eaves, and duct-work can provide an entry point for nuisance birds.

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Building by the water can also have gulls nesting on their roofs. In summary, although some of you associate the disappearance of snails with less water in the garden, it seems that ravenous urban wildlife is chiefly responsible for the snails’ vanishing act. Some of you live in communities without water rationing and still the snails are gone. Here are some of your responses, creating an ice cream cone shaped snail free territory whose top stretches from Westlake Village to Chatsworth to La Canada to Rancho Cucamonga to Riverside and whose bottom dovetails between Laguna Niguel and Murrieta. Pest control experts can easily take care of this and even clean up the nesting material, droppings and ensure that your home is free of the bacteria, parasites and other pathogens associated with birds.If birds are roosting on the exterior of your home there are other exclusion devices available such as bird spikes, shock strips, repellents, netting and wire mesh.

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Bird droppings can be unsightly and birds wake up early in the morning and can disturb sleep. The damage done by woodpeckers can be considerable. Still, the most serious risk of birds in your attic is associated with their droppings as they harbour parasites, bacteria, moulds, and even viruses that are harmful to humans.The three most common birds that nest in attics are Pigeons, Starlings and English Sparrows; woodpeckers are a distant fourth. Pigeons, starlings and sparrows will use existing openings to gain entry while woodpeckers will create their own opening through wood. While professional pest control experts know how to get rid of birds in the attic, you may not have as much success. We know when a vocal pileated is in the area about a quarter of a mile away, and the big wood chips can be seen flying. I have been putting coffee grounds around the plants to keep them away, but I think I only get jittery snails… We do have coyotes. So if you still have snails, blame the omnivorous coyotes for dining on the opossums, raccoons, skunks, rats, squirrels, and lizards that would otherwise be eating them.

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