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So before you drop hundreds of dollars on new tables, umbrellas, chairs, cushions, and covers, try a small bottle of specialty cleaning solution and protectant instead—just as Martha Stewart recommends. Pour water, Borax, and dish soap into a spray bottle and shake to mix. All cleaning solutions should be rinsed off with clean water, and the fabric air-dried. Blot the stained area with a microfiber cloth, rinse with water, and then allow to dry. After the scrubbing, do not allow the cushion fabrics or pillow to dry completely with the Oxiclean still on them. Most Summer Classics cushions have a water-resistant jacket underneath the fabric, which resists water from soaking the cushion cores. Use your waterproof spray to seal your fabric, and you’re done! Waterproof means that water cannot penetrate the surface, a waterproof fabric is impervious to water. Water repellent means that water can penetrate the surface, just not very easily.

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Topical sprays and treatments: There are waterproofing sprays like Scotchgard or NeverWet that can be applied directly to your outdoor fabrics to make them more water repellent (and sometimes stain resistant). Just like with glass surfaces, spray, wipe and repeat a thousand times. Then, wring out your cushions or step on them gently and repeat until there’s no soap left. Repeat the process of pinning and sewing the other side of the zipper so that you have a functional zipper installed. Turning a cushion on its side allows fresh air to hit every part of the fabric, leaving it mold, mildew and odor free! Acrylic is used to coat the exterior of a woven fabric, enabling it to withstand rubbing, tearing, poking as well as extreme weather like rain and sun. Some manufactures coat both sides with acrylic to make it extra durable and reversible. The directions recommend you do a second coat, so after you do both sides of the pillows, let them dry for about four hours and then do a second coat everywhere. Are you looking for somewhere to store your outdoor furniture where it will be dry and out of the way?

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A water repellent material means that it has been treated so it will not be easily penetrated by water. Waterproof vs. water repellent vs. Will this material get wet a lot and need to be waterproof? Water resistant can be a material that has been treated to repel a certain amount of water but is generally less successful than a water repellent or waterproof material. You can rinse with a hose if desired, but not necessary. Take the hose to them once a week to get rid of any dirt, grime or pollen. Before you start looking at fabrics and cushions for your patio or deck, take a moment to assess what you want from your outdoor material. Let’s take a look at the basics for selecting outdoor fabrics and materials. Some find vinyl easier to wipe clean, especially with difficult materials like tree sap or sunblock. There are a wide array of choices on the market and just like indoor fabrics, when it comes to buying outdoor fabrics you’ll want to understand how you will need it to perform.

Understanding what type of material you are buying for your outdoor area is important. Stores that sell outdoor cushions, tablecloths, awnings or umbrellas should be able to provide details as to the type of material used, its performance rating and cleaning instructions. The fabric you need for the occasional outdoor throw pillows may be very different from your outdoor umbrellas or awnings. Because it is breathable, water may go through acrylic, so vinyl is better at keeping water off when used as an umbrella or awning. Many of these sprays are designed to be applied easily to objects that are subject to water like cushions or seating. Once my filling was cut to size, we folded the filling in half like a taco shell and inserted it into the cushion cover through the zipper opening. Examine your cushion seams – the manufacturer’s care label is usually sewn into one of them.

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