How To Make A Tire Swing – Redeem Your Ground

Think about a wagon pulling a vast heap of rocks, this is a case of what roller push orientation can hold. You can discover these sorts of units in auto center points since they can withstand outrageous measures of spiral and push stack weight, which is something like auto wheels, can hold up under. The last thing you need to do is hang the swing, I set my tire on a wooden box that was the right height and then wrapped the excess chain around the tree, securing it with a stainless steel threaded chain clasp so it wont rust and I can easily take it apart to put away. The crazy thing is, I didn’t have a tire swing growing up…and I really don’t have any memories of swinging on one…but there’s just something about a tire swing. I don’t know what it is, but there’re very few things that say carefree summer days more to me than a tire swing.

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You’ll need a drill and large drill bit to drill holes in the bottom of your tire to let the water run out…so that you don’t accumulate a bunch of funk inside your tire, creating the perfect mosquito breeding ground. Having the rope doubled-over like this introduces the potential of the rope twisting around itself…but I think that just makes it a bit more fun. Next is the fun and enjoyment that everyone will get from having an awesome tire swing and the memories that will last a lifetime. You don’t have to make a swing that is big enough for the whole family like I did but it is a lot of fun! Again, there’s just something about a tire swing that conjures up memories…perceived or real…of those carefree summer days. While you don’t want to place your tire swing out at the very end of a branch, you can’t attach it within a few feet of the trunk. And the first time I tried our tire swing out…when no one was around, I launched one of my flip-flops about 50 feet into the woods when jumping on. Be sure that the tire is at least two or three feet above the ground, but not too high that your child cannot mount it.

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Which is why I now have a tennis ball hanging 30 feet above our tire swing. One of my favorite things to do as a kid on a tire swing was to wind it up and sit on it screaming with excitement as it spun out, and this swing looks like it would be perfect for that. Okay, this isn’t for the backyard, but it’s just such a cool idea and looks so good that I couldn’t leave it out. I’m not exactly certain exactly what knots he used, but our tire isn’t going anywhere…other than swinging back & forth. Next, tie the tire to the hanging end of the rope as tight as possible. Now, you will have a rope hanging from the branch of your selected tree. I actually had a bunch of manila rope left over from a tree house project…so I used it…bonus for me – no additional cost!

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This may take a little bit of time, but be patient…you’ll eventually succeed: – You’ll want to start out by tying your string around the beanbag…giving yourself enough string to go over the limb and back down to you. Based on the wisdom of my handy neighbor, we left a bit of extra rope at the end and wrapped it around itself – giving the girls something to hang on to and providing us some margin in case we needed to re-tie it in the future. Use a good sharp drill bit and one you don’t mind ruining, tires are really tough on drill bits, make sure you use a bit that is at least one size larger than your eye bolt because the rubber will shrink around the hole as soon as you pull the bit out. Get all of your eye bolts in place and tightened, then you are ready to cut your support chains. Then you need three eye bolts, three nuts, and some anti seize. So then why not involve your little ones when setting up your own version?

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When your little ones possess a table and chair set, or picnic table that may be just their size, the enjoyment from the function is multiplied. This will let the rain water drain out…keeping the leaves that do get in there dry…which is much nicer to remove than rotting wet ones. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Please feel free to use these affiliate links if there are any tools you need to get for this project. A little steel wool and dish soap is all you need to clean off any grease, dirt, manure, or whatever else may be included with your free tire! So with that in mind…and my wanting to create those kinds of childhood memories for my girls… I went to work on surprising them with a tire swing when they returned from being out of town this past weekend. All that said, kite string would likely work much better. Do you want to have better range?

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