The 6 Best Paint Colours For A Bathroom Vanity – Including White!

I could go back and find out exactly how much time I spent just painting, and I probably will, but for now I’ll give a rough estimate of three months of painting. With a quick search through the blog and I found that I started on April 19th, but there was the shoulder injury, and I pimped the fridge, plus all the work on the porch was done as well during that time. I will give you the details and have your May book sent to you in no time! X Research source – Oil based paints may separate more than other varieties. Gary took down the old light fixture and spray painted it with oil rubbed bronze (it looks black, but it’s not). I did two coats of oil rubbed bronze paint and primer in one, then a top coat of Krylon clear polyurethane. Cabinet Coat recommends removing doors and painting them on a horizontal surface, but I’m always looking for a shortcut.

The 6 Best Paint Colours For A Bathroom Vanity - Including White! job is

Sunday was the same thing with the first coat of paint. I picked the same color as you and since my husband doesn’t care either way, the job is all up to me, haha! I picked these bronze pulls, they are simple, and modern (and match the pulls I used on my laundry basket dresser which is in my closet). Of course, other parts of it are just strange dream stuff that has no relation to current events. In order to achieve your dream bathroom, youll need to take design and practical considerations into account. The wood countertops are unexpected in a bathroom, but I love them here. 2. Cut your wood pieces. Because of this I didn’t want to let the bare wood sit without primer after I sanded it. On Saturday I first dug up the stump from the tree and got rid of that, and then I started sanding everything on Section 2. Once I got it all sanded I decided I needed to primer, otherwise the wood might get wet over night.

The 6 Best Paint Colours For A Bathroom Vanity - Including White! the stump from

The goal of the primer is to adhere to the wood. Before you start your base paint, you’ll want to lightly sand the primer coat, sanding in the direction you painted, and pressing lightly. I was out on the ladder until almost 8:00 at night putting primer on. I had a very strange and lucid dream Sunday night. Anyway here’s the dream. In a lot of my dreams I have friends and other people that I don’t really know in real life, but in the dream we treat each other as if there is a history. It’s very strange. I call them dream friends, dream family, or even dream lovers (don’t even think about it). I even made the rug extra cushy (I have a tutorial on how to do that here), so now it’s really nice on the feet when standing on tile. We are back to this strange weather pattern where we get thick fog and maybe even a light mist in the very early mornings and the first half of the day.

The 6 Best Paint Colours For A Bathroom Vanity - Including White! light fixture and spray painted

I am up bright and early getting ready for a full day at the Southern Bloggers Conference. So excited to announce that I will be attending the Southern Bloggers Conference this weekend! Floor tile, wall tile, counter tops, and fixtures are all weekend projects that can be complete in a do-it-yourself effort or by hiring a small business contractor. Have a fabulous weekend lovelies! I do have a small white rug that I get out when the shower will be used, so you can see it on the floor there. After spending the last 8 months endlessly painting doors, windows (including each and every little divider – ugh!) trim and walls I broke down and we hired someone to paint all the trim in her Simply White. We removed the doors and this bad boy got a complete military scrub down! Sand the insides of the doors as well if you wish to paint the inside. Well this is the post where I paint the hardware! 10. Allow the cabinet to dry completely before reattaching the hardware with your screwdriver. I swore I’d never put a paint brush to a cabinet ever again, and here I am doing it 5 months later.

The 6 Best Paint Colours For A Bathroom Vanity - Including White! everything on
The 6 Best Paint Colours For A Bathroom Vanity - Including White! primer, otherwise