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7. Take the putty log that you created, and form a ring or a circle on your tile around the area that you would like to drill the hole through. Roll the putty into a ball, and then roll the putty out into a long log shape. If your school has it’s own kiln and pottery equipment then making your own inserts will be a fun thing to do. I’d love to try making some inserts for my personal use for mosaics –and I’m also imagining that they’d make wonderful pendants, too. Would you be willing to tell me more about how you make your inserts, and the techniques you use, or point me in the right direction to find information via the internet or an excellent book resource? This blog is more about mosaic techniques and ideas, but I am glad I have written this post- for those brave people who want to try and make their own mosaic inserts.

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I use plaster of paris to make moulds of the inserts I make, and that is another long process- but if I was teaching a class to kids- I would use the slab method. 1) Try and make sure your clay slab has no air bubbles in it. Why not try there? There are only a few things standing in the way of a fully fuctional four piece bathroom on our 2nd floor. There are many good “how to make tiles” books at the local library. 5) To slow clay slabs from drying too fast, cover unfinished projects with clear plastic- An old fridge is a good store for incomplete clay projects. Everyday on my way to work, I pass by a small store on Dundas St. W at Manning Ave. (just west of Bathurst) that does Mirror and Glass. An unassuming storefront full of tacky mirror is just a front for a busy back room, buzzing with activity. 6. Place an adhesive magnet on the back of each.

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The magnets I suggested are plenty strong enough to hold the tiles AND the adhesive is all you need for attaching them to the back. Today’s project was making numbered magnets to use with my Behavior Chart! I am interested in purchasing some of your inserts, but I can well imagine that if I wanted to get enough for a mosaic project like the mosaic table you feature on your blog site, it would cost me a small fortune to get them to Canada! If you have purchased porcelain tile flooring or porcelain wall tile for yor project yo will need to know about some unique aspects of porcelain ceramic tile before you attempt to install it. If you are considering installing porcelain tile yourself you should make yourself familiar with all the aspects of installing ceramic tile, plus the additional porcelain tile installation information below. PS: If my blog has helped you with ideas information or inspiration, please re-pay the favour by sharing my earthmaid blogspot with your friends and family. If you do sell them, I’d like information on how I could order them, and the cost to purchase and ship them to Canada.

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They look like a really small shovel or spade in shape, and you can find them at most home centers where they sell tile. The test patch will also verify cleanability of the grout with heavily textured tile surfaces. Tutorials with step by step pictures will be helpful. We will then drill through the tile in the same area as the oil reservoir. Keep it simple. Also try those little rubber stamps which can be pressed into clay slabs- just wait for the clay to be the right hardness- not too wet and not too dry and then let the children and their imaginations go wild. This will keep the bit cool as it rotates through the tile and give us very a clean cut without cracks, chips, or breaks. 8. Smooth out the inside of the putty ring and the outside of the putty ring so that it sticks to the tile.

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9. Excellent. Now take your air tool oil and add enough oil to fill up half of the putty crater you created on the surface of the tile. In addition to the info in this reply, I will add these extra “pearls of wisdom”. This will prevent the ink from smudging when you apply the Mod Podge. 4. Put a THIN, even layer of Mod Podge on a glass tile and press the paper circle onto it. Even if you have been doing pottery your whole life, you can learn something new about clay, glazes, firing and decorating every day. My father tells me that my late Uncle Wally, a carpenter by trade, could trim a whole house in one day. After four tries, I pulled out one of my coveted mosaic tiles, and she took a try at it. I have done many different art forms, including some basic mosaic designs with stained glass, but haven’t done ceramic work — yet!

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